Image is everything. The image that tells a story transcends through time, space and technique.

......YES, one can create an Original Painting using the Digital media. The digital media is just one more tool in the hands of the artist.

A digital painting has to be printed in order for it to exist in a traditional way........ just like drawing on a Lithographic Stone has to be printed in order to exist.

Like any traditional Printmaking Technique, the Digital Painting exists in multiple originals, in signed and numbered limited editions. The traditional and the digital printmaking techniques have revolutionized the art market in the last 200 years, providing the opportunity for people to acquire high quality, affordable original work of art.

Whatch the YouTube movie 'Digital Oil Painting' by Tanya Doskova

In the absence of turpentine smell, I am using the tablet and the digital brush the same way I paint my traditional oil paintings..........

I paint my Digital Oil Paintings in Corel Painter using a digital Intuos Wacom tablet.

I also do smaller paintings on the IPAD.

This 'digital age' approach to painting puts together exquisite digital and traditional skills. I am able to do that due to my classical East European art education, my Western training in digital media and my experience in the special effects Hollywood movie industry......

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Drawing on a Wacom digital Intuos tablet in Corel Painter with Digital Pen

Digital drawing_Tanya Doskova

Portrait of a Digital Bigot2

'Portrait of a Digital Bigget'

............ I am brooding on the human condition of backwardness today. It is not only the poor ability to understand, create and apply technology. Some people are so fearful of the new that they would rather blot out, than acknowledge and learn. The people who insisted that the world was flat were simply scared of not being able to keep their balance in the new round world.

Tanya Doskova

Portrait of a Digital Bigot
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